New Bluestone Debit & Credit Card FAQs

Q: I use a mobile wallet (such as Apple, Google or Samsung Pay), will I need to replace my old card with my new card? Will my new card work with my mobile wallet?

A: Yes, you will need to re-enroll with your new card.  Mobile wallets are now available. To avoid possible confusion, we encourage you to delete your prior card from your mobile wallet.

Q:  Will any automatic or recurring payments I have set up under my old card numbers still work?

A:  No, if you have any automatic payments set up under your current card numbers, you will need to contact that vendor/merchant and update your account information; including card number, expiration date, and possibly the CVV. You will also need to update any sites where your current card information is stored in your account, such as Amazon.

Q: What new features do these card(s) offer?

A: Your new cards will be contactless, so you will be able to “tap” to pay whenever this option is presented by the merchant. You may also continue to insert or swipe your card as you do currently.

Q:  What happens to all of my reward points I have accrued on my Platinum card?

A:  No fear, all of your points will be transferred to our new program vendor, called Dreampoints.  Access to Dreampoints is integrated into your online banking via ItsMe247.  Simply sign into ItsMe247 on your Bluestone mobile app or at and you’ll be able to link to the Dreampoints site from there. 

Q: When will points begin accruing with Dreampoints?

A: When you begin using your new Visa Platinum card, points will immediately begin to accrue.

Q: How do I find out more about the Dreampoints reward program?

A: Program details can be found at

Q: Does this change Where and How I can get cash at an ATM/ITM?

A:  Yes. You will no longer be able to obtain cash surcharge-free from any ATM on the Advantage Network.  These are usually identified by orange logos and markings.

 Q: Where are the ATM/ITM’s that give me free cash withdrawals?

A: All four (4) of our Bluestone FCU ITMs provide free access to your accounts for cash withdrawals and a multitude of other services.  Additionally, we are now part of the Co-op and Money Pass networks. Below are the network ATM locator links that will lead you to a convenient ATM/ITM.

          ATM/ITM Locator links:




Q: What’s up with my credit and debit cards from Bluestone FCU?

A:  We are switching processors for our VISA programs. You will receive new credit and ATM/debit cards to replace any current Bluestone FCU cards. These cards will have different numbers than your current cards.

Q: Why are we switching processors?

A:  When it came time to renew our contracts with our current processors, we shopped around. We asked ourselves: are our members getting the most ATM/ITM access, the best customer service for fraud or disputes, maximum flexibility with their rewards, etc? We believe that our new processor, MAP (Member Access Processing), offers better member service, better access, and better rewards. Additionally MAP is owned by Credit Unions, so they understand how Credit Union members want to be treated, and they deliver on it!  Still curious? Here’s a little bit about our new award-winning partner MAP:

Q: When should I expect to receive my new card(s)?

A: Debit cards will begin arriving the week of February 13th with credit cards beginning to arrive the week following and through the end of the month. PLEASE NOTE Current Bluestone FCU cards will deactivate as follows:

Debit Cards deactivate – Monday, February 27th

Credit Cards deactivate – Friday, March 3rd

Q: How can I ensure my new card(s) will be delivered timely?

A: The address listed on your membership is where the card(s) will be mailed to.  In the event you need to update your address, we would ask you to do so by the end of January 2023 by contacting our Member Services team or visiting your online banking.

Q: I received a duplicate or extra card, what should I do?

A: If you had reported a card lost or stolen in the past you may receive a duplicate card. Please contact our Member Services Center at, via online chat or at any branch and we will close the duplicate card.

Q: What if my card doesn’t arrive before my old one stops working?

A: When planning this transition, we allowed for extra time for delivery of the new cards to avoid this happening. The timetable should allow for delivery delays due to weather and the Presidents’ Day holiday.

Q:  When can I start using my new card(s)?

A:  You should activate and begin using your new card(s) as soon as it is received.

Q:  Will I have to activate my new card(s)?

A:  Yes, all cards will need to be activated by following the instructions included in the mailer containing the new card or by calling member service at 866-839-7484, also listed on a sticker on the new cards and printed on the back of each card.

Q: I encountered a problem when when trying to activate my new card.

A: Some members have reported that they have had issues with entering dates of birth and/or social security numbers during the card activation process. We have found this may be due to either field being duplicated or swapped in joint accounts. If you are activating a card on a joint account and the system does not recognize your Date of Birth or Social Security Number, try using those of the primary/other account holder.

Q: What will be my new PIN?

A: You will not receive a PIN for your new card(s). You will set your PIN when you call to activate your new card. You may change your PIN at any time by calling member service at 866-839-7484, which is printed on the back of each card.

Q: Am I getting a new card number?

A: Yes, your new card will have a new card number.

Q: Which cards will Bluestone FCU offer?

A: Bluestone FCU will continue to issue VISA credit and debit cards. During this transition, all current credit and ATM/debit cards will be replaced with different, new VISA cards.