Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost/Stolen Debit or Credit Cards

If you have lost your debit or credit card or believe it may have been stolen, please call 866-839-7484 for assistance.

Identity Theft

If you believe you have been a victim of identity theft, please call us at (605)367-7070, or text (605)525-6700.

Suspected Fraud?

If you see transactions on your account that appear fraudulent, here are the steps to take.

First, lock your card.

To lock your card on the Bluestone Mobile App:

Login to the app. Click the Accounts icon in the bottom row, middle. Scroll down. Under Favorite Accounts you will see the card widget which shows a picture of a card. Click the down arrow in the top of this box to select the card you want to lock. Click the Card Controls button under the picture of the card. On the next page, click the slider on the line that says “This card is Active” then click Lock on the popup. The line should now read “This card is Locked.”

To lock your card in online banking on your computer:

Login to ItsMe247 online banking. Locate the Card Widget under Other Links in the left column. Click the slider under the picture of the card and click “Lock Card” on the popup so that it shows “Card is Locked.” Use the down arrow in the top of this section to access multiple cards. 

Next, call us. 

To begin the dispute process, give us a call. If calling during normal business hours, call (605) 367-7070. Afterhours? Call (866) 839-7484. We’ll work with you to determine any next steps.