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Bluestone will never call, text or email you and ask you for: online banking username or password, complete credit or debit card numbers, account numbers or social security number. If you are ever in doubt of who is on the phone or at the other end of a text or email, hang up, don't respond and call us directly at 605-367-7070.

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If you follow us on social media, you might be familiar with Indie, our mascot. We use Indie (and a few friends) to help us introduce a variety of financial education topics. Take some time and learn with Indie. If you want to know more about any particular topic, most of our information comes from Zogo and KOFE, which you can find  our Financial Education page. 

Fraud, Scams, Cybersecurity

What is Online shopping fraud? A scam designed to trick you into making fraudulent online purchases. Tips Watch for Red Flags! -Deals that seem too good to be true -No public return policy Go to the website through a search engine instead of clicking the ad Avoid using wire transfers and crypto. Safer methods of payment include: Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Paypal. https://zogo.com/bluestone
What is Elder Financial Abuse? The illegal or dishonest use of an older person's funds, property, or assets Tips Regularly monitor your accounts including investment accounts Establish a Power of Attorney (Trusted relative or friend) Consult with trusted family or friends before unplanned financial decisions https://www.consumerfinance.gov/
What is Real Estate Investment Fraud? When a scammer promises an increase in value of the property or lies about the market value of the home to trick you into buying. Tips Be careful of inflated appraisals! Research the property and properties of similar value before investing A Red Flag is when there is an avoidance of purchase guidelines https://zogo.com/bluestone
What is Social Media Investment Fraud? When scammers impersonate investment experts on social media in order to spread false investment advice. Tips Anyone can be behind a screen name, do your research, verify credentials and expertise Check original sources such as professional or organization websites or blogs https://zogo.com/bluestone


What is building your credit? Being proactive and knowing what is helping and hurting your credit score Tips Pay your loans/credit cards on time and at least the minimum amount Keep your outstanding credit balance below 30% Avoid bankruptcy, car repossession, or home foreclosures https://zogo.com/bluestone